So, update

So I’ve been quiet. Very quiet. And there a reason for that. Well actually there’s several reasons.

  • I got sick in May. Thumping painful headache that came with a long lasting cold.
  • I had some big assignments. Which I had to do whilst I was sick. Naturally.
  • I had a couple of interviews for my dream job – a bookseller in a new store opening up. Still sick.
  • I got the job! So helped set up the new bookstore, and have spent the last month learning the ropes there.
  • Throw in some exams and general other running around as well.

So glad June is over. It felt like the month of running around madly catching up on everything at once. I did get some art stuff done and a lot more plotting out. So something to look forwards to.

July is set to be a big month. I’m starting late, but I will be taking part in World Watercolour Month. Check out my Instagram or Facebook page to keep up to date with that.

In the mean time, enjoy this tidbit I shared on Instagram yesterday regarding a new product I’m working on. This is only a prototype, but I’m so excited about it!