About Tori & Co. Studio

Tori & Co. Studio is a dream I’ve always had since I started crafting. It’s taken various forms and names over the years and I have no doubt it’ll change from here as well. I finally got the guts to make this dream into a reality in August 2017.

Tori & Co Studio tori-1The name of my store was devised from my now 15 year old budgie, a small green and yellow little man who has been with me since my early high school years. His name, Tori, actually means ‘bird’ in Japanese. Up to you if you consider that creative or not. 14 is actually quite old for a budgerigar and my little old man has been with me through highs and lows. He’s the perfect little listener and room buddy.

SelfieAnd he has another room mate who shares my bedroom with him in another cage. Meet Nova. He’s a Green Cheek Conure, who happens to be the Turquoise/blue colouring – just in case you’re wondering why he isn’t green. He’s my hand-reared brat child. There are times he’s content snuggling in being sweet and innocent. And then five minutes later he’s clamped onto your hair, attacking your ear for the fun of it. Though he drives me up the walls sometimes, I do love him dearly.

Why did I name my store after my birds? I’m inspired by colour, amongst other things. Have you looked at what coloured feathers make up a bird’s appearence? Tori may be green and yellow, but his individual feathers range from a bright lime green, to a bright yellow, to a pale yellow and a tiny bit of blue. Some of the feathers are patterned. Some are plain. Some are fluffy where other’s are sleek. Nova’s feathers tell a similar story in a way too. He has shades from a green-blue, through to an iridescent turquoise blue, to pale grey, to dark grey and a few spontaneous yellow feathers. You don’t realise this when you just look at a bird normally, do you?

Jewelry has always been something I love to make (check out my About Me for more details).

In November 2017 I attended my very first market – Hobart’s first Etsy Made Local Market to be exact. It was a success and I’m now plotting some exciting new things for 2018.