Reviews and Recommendations

This is a new an exciting addition to Tori & Co. Studio for 2018. Here you’ll find a collection of product reviews and general recommendations.

While I am a lifelong creator, I’ve only recently added ‘artist’ to my list of accomplishments. I am by no means an expert and I’ve spent countless hours and late nights pondering over every single art supply purchase I’ve ever pondered making. Which then leads me to get distracted and read up on different methods and techniques. And book reviews. And getting stuck watching Youtube reviews, tutorials or vlogs.

While the hunt is fun, I do wish when I started watercolour last year that finding information was a bit easier. I’ve got no natural talent when it comes to drawing or painting. At the start I wasn’t even sure I was holding my paint brush right . . . yup, that inexperienced. There is hundreds, if not thousands of resources out there for varying degrees of experience. Finding that place to start is the hardest bit.

So I’m compiling a list of various resources so you can have a place to start. These will be books, websites, Youtube channels, products, etc.. Anything that I, as a complete beginner, found useful in my art journey. In each review and recommendation I’ll explain why I found it useful. Hopefully you’ll find it useful to add to your own resources.

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